For custom orders, please contact
For custom orders, please contact

Custom Orders

I am not currently accepting new commissions until further notice. This is to ensure I have time to work on creating patterns, tutorials, and video content for all of you to enjoy. Please see my Sample Sale for completed items I currently have available to ship immediately. Click here to visit the shop!

Thank you so much!

Orders already in progress will be completed as scheduled.


What if your dream design could become reality?

Daisy Viktoria is ready to bring your dreams to life! We are so excited to create the perfect custom design for your special day. Each gown, corset, and costume is custom designed and hand crafted just for you. Please fill out the custom order form below so Daisy can begin to work her faerie magic!

    We offer a remote fitting service to test a mock-up. While Daisy has over a decade of experience working with remote measurements, sometimes a mock-up offers peace of mind and that extra fit assurance. If selected, this service will include a test piece made in muslin, which you will be responsible for photographing and marking before mailing back to us. The success of remote fitting largely depends on your ability to communicate and follow instructions. The cost of this mock-up service starts at $250 and varies, depending on your specific garments and shipping cost.