For custom orders, please contact
For custom orders, please contact

Photography Events

We are so excited to host photography workshops and shoot-outs whenever we can! I have always held a special love for dressing all types of models, and I enjoy the entire process of planning and executing photo shoots. With so many amazing artists out there in the world, I knew there had to be a good way for me to bring my clothing and costumes to more shoots and to reach more people with my designs in these settings.

That’s why we are now hosting limited photography events! At these shoot-outs, you pay a smaller fee to gain access to a pre-planned and organized set-up with styled looks. While rentals and custom garments are awesome, we understand that not everyone can pay for these services, and sometimes we all just want to do a shoot anyway! Our events make Daisy’s designs more accessible to a wider audience by subsidizing the costs over a wider group of participants. We are offering the following types of events:

+ photography workshops where photographers access a group of styled models
+ mini shoots where we dress you up and photograph you in our setup
+ individual custom shoots and styling

Daisy Viktoria has more than 10 years of professional experience with the photo shoot process, in addition to 5 more prior years both modeling and taking photos with friends at conventions and cosplay shoots. Daisy herself has held most photo shoot roles – model, photographer, makeup and hair stylist, event planner, and let’s not forget the biggest one, clothing and costume designer and stylist for the shoot. Let Daisy’s experience working with fantasy and fairytale themes help take your photos to the next level.

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We are currently based in Midland, TX, and we travel throughout the region for photo shoot events. We work in all major Texas cities! We are currently doing about 1 photography event per month, and we rotate the location.

Expected upcoming locations (these are unconfirmed and subject to change)

Shoot-outs / workshops:

At these events, photographers pay a fee to access a group of fully styled models.

  • Dallas, TX – TBD
  • Houston, TX – TBD
  • San Antonio, TX – TBD
  • Austin, TX – TBD


We style you for a mini-shoot within a given time slot. Options may include being fully dressed in our clothing or having your own base outfit accessorized and styled using our accessories. We provide final images to you after the shoot.

  • Midland, TX – TBD
  • Houston, TX – TBD
  • San Antonio, TX – TBD
  • Austin, TX – TBD

Custom individual shoots:

Please email us at to discuss your shoot! We are located in Midland, TX. We will travel to you! Please note a travel fee will be assessed if we need to travel outside the Midland/Odessa region. These shoots start at $250 minimum. Exact pricing is subject to your desired wardrobe, shoot timing, any travel, and print / digital photo options.

Here are some of the photos taken at our photography events. Yours could be next!