For custom orders, please contact
For custom orders, please contact


Tell us about your fantasy vision, and we will make your dreams come true!

Our fantasy couture gowns and corsets are made of quality hand selected materials. Our corsets are made of authentic steel boning and meant for durable shaping. Each item is lovingingly hand crafted by the designer with exceptional standards and materials and a little bit of faerie magick.

Designed and hand crafted by Daisy Viktoria herself, our fairytale gowns and specialty corsets are perfect for a unique and awe inspiring sense of fashion.

Daisy has created hundreds of corsets, costumes, and fairytale gowns. Her sewing journey began at age 7 and has continued to grow throughout the years, with experience in cosplay, historical reenactment, and modern fashion.

Every gown is designed to be unique and one of a kind. Each piece is made to fit your specific measurements for a truly custom tailored experience.

*Why purchase a couture gown experience?*

Couture, or bespoke, fashion is tailored individually for the wearer. We know you have many options for gowns. But what if you could have a gown made just for you, a gown with all the details you desire, a gown that is custom tailored to your very own proportions? This is an experience like no other, and this garment can last you a lifetime. Custom tailoring eliminates the need for going back and forth on alterations before your special event. Working with a custom gown designer, you have a hand in the entire process. Not only do you receive a beautiful piece, but you receive one with your own preferences and style choices. Your gown is truly one of a kind and unlike any other.

Daisy delights in creating beautiful couture gowns and corsets! Will yours be next?

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