Daisy Viktoria is an award winning fairytale gown and corset designer. Specializing in handmade one of a kind garments, Daisy Viktoria brings a bit of magic to your special day.

Daisy learned to sew at a young age and spent much of her childhood playing make believe and creating costumes for herself and her dolls. Daisy also grew up in a family of historical reenactors. She learned many sewing techniques through fashion history, and this inspiration fills her current work with something extra special. Daisy is also a cosplayer and attends fantasy conventions. This joy of the magical and fantastical is present in her gown and corset designs.

Daisy has designed and created hundreds of corsets of all varieties, as well as hundreds of costumes and gowns ranging from modern Fantasy Couture to Historical. She specializes in corsetry and fairytale gowns with a historically inspired fantasy touch.

Daisy did not enter the fashion world from a typical place. Daisy has a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from UCLA. Her undergrad is also in ChemE with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Florida, where Daisy graduated Summa Cum Laude, the highest honors. It is this logical problem solving background that sets Daisy apart in her approach to clothing design.

Daisy Viktoria has been featured in various print and online magazines, as well as blogs and social media. Her designs have graced the runways throughout Los Angeles and southern California, at fashion week events and fantasy conventions, and even Dragon*Con in Atlanta! These are some of the magazines where Daisy’s work has been featured: Gothic Beauty, Dark Beauty, FAE, Von Gutenberg, Linger, Vedere, Rebelicious, Petite Alternative, Like A Lion, Tinsel Tokyo, Avant Garde, Cloud Orchid, Raine, and Hardcore Gamer.

In her free time, Daisy enjoys connecting with nature. She loves running, hiking, and backpacking. In addition to fairytales and mythology, Daisy finds a lot of inspiration in the outdoors and on nature trails.

For custom inquiries, please send Daisy an email. daisy@daisyviktoria.com

You can also visit Daisy’s online shops for some readily available products:
Daisy Viktoria Web Shop
Daisy Viktoria on Etsy

You can follow Daisy’s social media to keep up with her design adventures!